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Areas of Service


Advocates (Peer Counselors)
These are the front line workers, answering the phones and meeting directly with the clients.  Advocates must complete Care Net advocate training provided by Heart of Tioga.

Must be a Registered Nurse.  Additional training is provided through NIFLA sonographer training and Care Net advocate training and paid for by Heart of Tioga.

Baby Boutique Workers
Help with preparing and organizing materials for the baby boutique

Help with the development and implementation of fundraisers

Help with the development and maintenance of marketing tools such as promotional materials, online sites, and advertising

Center Maintenance
Cleaning, snow removal, repair, etc.  You do not have to be able to do everything on the list, just whatever you can offer.

Client Resources
Aid in developing and maintaining a current community list.

Help in getting our mailings put together and mailed out.


10am - 2pm
1pm - 4pm
3pm - 7pm

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