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Pregnancy & Testing

for a Free Pregnancy Test, call 570-948-2020

If you are experiencing any or all of the symptoms below you may be pregnant:

  • You have missed one or more menstrual periods
  • Your breasts are swollen and/or tender
  • You are nauseated or have had a change in appetite
  • You are tired or dizzy
  • You have to urinate more often
  • You have recently gained or lost weight

*This is information intended for general education only and shouldn’t be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.

We know that finding out you are pregnant can be overwhelming. Let our caring staff answer your questions and calm your fears.  Your visit and any information you share with us will be kept in the strictest confidence.  To schedule an appointment, call 570-948-2020, or message us on Facebook.  

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